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Live Life foods goal is to achieve a high-quality nutritious food which is high quality and nutritionally appropriate to meet the diverse range of needs of our ageing population. This new approach is an important to ensure everyone has access to nourishing quality foods designed for the young at heart and to maintain our ongoing wellbeing through food first.  

We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our meals that are nutritionally designed to deliver the right balance of nutrients in our diets everyday as we age. 

Live Life Foods together with Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA) are continually developing the range to further improve industry standards for protein, energy, and nutritional value for all aging Australians.  

The fact is that ageing Australians have different nutritional requirements so under the guidance of Nutritional Professionals Australia (NPA) we have created our restaurant quality Live Life Foods Delivery 2U.

Each and every portion-controlled dish is easy to prepare, is extra tasty and enriched with all the good things older bodies need. Nothing thrills us more than seeing the difference delicious nutritious meals can make to people’s lives. That’s why we are redefining food for ageing Australians.

Live Life Foods is a new home meal delivery service created to ensure everyone has access to nourishing healthy meals. We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our meals that are nutritionally designed for the young at heart to make sure we get the right balance of nutrients in our diets everyday as we age.

Our meal solutions are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the over 65s, Live Life Foods will feature more than 50 locally prepared, ready meals that will be delivered to the doorsteps in many communities.

With more than a third of seniors living in the community reportedly suffering from malnutrition*, Live Life Foods together with Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA) to develop the range in
accordance with robust industry guidelines for protein, energy, and nutritional value.

Live Life Foods General Manager John Casey, the driving force behind this new service, said “the new service clearly addressed a vital gap in the market to ensure older Australians have access to quality nutritional meals tailored to their nutritional requirements”.
“Live Life Foods provides ageing Australians with a convenient alternative to supermarket ready meals by making access to nutritious, homemade food as easy as possible.

Whether people want to enjoy a tasty meal or are recovering from illness or simply and require a nutritious meal this service offers a healthy and affordable in-home option.” Nutrition Professionals Australia Dietitian, Julie Dundon, said the nutrition needs for over 65’s were highly variable, and Live Life Foods new meal service was a positive step towards addressing any uncertainty older Australians may have about how to meet their daily dietary requirements.

Very few people realize that their dietary requirements change with age and as a result could be unknowingly malnourished, underweight, or increasing their risk of chronic disease.

A combination of national nutritional guidelines has been used to determine the specific nutrient requirements for Live Life Foods meals, to enable people to make an informed choice about their  diet.

NPA has approved 90 percent of the menu items as either Nourishing Meals, designed to meet the protein, energy and nutrition needs of seniors, also other Healthy Options, which offer a lower fat, lower sugar and low salt option to aid the long-term prevention of chronic disease.

Live Life Foods Delivery 2U will be rolled out nationally, starting in Melbourne then intends to introduce the service to other states soon.

We provide a total meal solution for:
Seniors who need our meal service to allow them to remain independent offering a wide variety of meals and catering for special dietary requirements.

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