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For those on Home Care Packages.

For those who are Carers.

Baptcare Staff  Family

For those on a

Home Care Package – HCP



Co-Funded Meal Plans

Live Life Foods makes it easy and affordable for all to eat quality nourishing food.

With government co-funding, approved Home Care Package (HCP) customers can enjoy the convenience of having nutritious, delicious meals prepared for them and delivered to their door, and save up to 70% of the cost of meals.

HCP Consumers: Live Life Foods has a range of affordable meal options available to suit everyone. For more information please call us on 1800 532 001

HCP Care Providers: To setup an account with Live Life Foods , please call us on 1800 532 001

Only Pay 30% upfront for your home-delivered meals

If you are an approved HCP Recipient, you will only be required to pay 30% of the cost upfront for your meals when your account has been approved, normally 2-3 working days..

30% Paid by Consumer – Cost of ingredients
70% Paid by HCP Care Provider – Cost of preparation and delivery


Getting started is simple

Contact your HCP provider and request Live Life Foods as your home meal delivery service of choice. Need some assistance? Contact us today.

email: info@livelifefoods.com.au  or call 1800 532 001 or register by clicking the link below.



For those who are Carers

We understand the importance of nutrition and wellbeing for people of all ages, especially Carers. If the Carer is well nourished and eats healthy, well balanced meals, then they will be able to better look after their loved one.

We want to ensure Carers are also well nourished in their busy lives. Our Carer offer will provide the carer with a free meal when they sign up each new client with Live Life Foods nutritious meals.

Please follow the link to sign up a new customer and receive a free meal when 5 main meals are ordered for your client.

*Please note: The carers meal will be delivered with the clients meal order.

For those who are Baptcare Customers, Staff and Family

Live Life Foods and Baptcare are working together to provide nourishing meals delivered right to your door.

Working with Nutrition Professionals Australia, Live Life Foods are sharing and exchanging food knowledge  

in order to offer a food first approach to improve your meal experience.

Register now and Purchase 5 main meals and receive 1 for free on your first order.

As more and more Australians are adding years to their lives, it’s our goal to add life to those years.

John Casey

General Manager, Live Life Foods